The Deconstructed House offers deconstruction services through  partner contractors, The Deconstruction Company and Southern Demolition and Environmental.  If you have a project that involves deconstruction or dismantling, or if you would like to have a consultant visit your house or job site, please contact Southern Demolition and Environmental at 404-478-7142  or Email:

Our crews are licensed and insured. We are experienced in diverting materials from future demolition sites - whether for recycling, re-purposing, or even better, for 100% re-use.  The quality of materials that was present in the built environment in many of the projects we have witnesses are of far greater durability and beauty than materials available today.  Often materials can be re-purposed and fashioned into furnishings, art, decorative accents and more.

Please contact one of our estimators via email at or call 404-478-7142 for a deconstruction quote.  Often, deconstruction crews work in conjunction with demolition contractors.  There are varying degrees of deconstruction, and can be tailored to your project. Diversion rates of deconstruction are high for materials such as solid bricks, metals, heart pine flooring, concrete, unpainted drywall, etc.  Our crews are licensed and insured, and can provide documentation of materials for LEED certified projects.

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Click Link Below for Recent Wall Street Journal Article with Reference to Tax Credits available for Deconstruction!

March 2013, Deconstruction Project: Complete Deconstruction Roof to Foundation
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